Hi, nice to meet you!

Utilise opportunities and convert them in great products is what I do best, especially in the fields of mobile and connected devices. The Lean methodology is my guide in achieving this: only build things that matter and avoid wasting resources on things that do not.

Having a strong experience in software architecture and development myself, I know what it takes to build products. Validating concepts, setting up the perfect team, define the required Agile processes, build the actual product and telling the world about it are the steps I follow to make the product count.

I'm always open for a (technical) product owner and/or architectural role within a startup-minded and innovative organisation in Amsterdam or abroad, that stimulates entrepreneurial activities performed by its employees and preferably focusses on providing solutions for mobile and/or connected devices. Feel free to contact me.

Product management Leadership Lean Agile Scrum Software development Software architecture Mobile Connected devices Cloud Sales Presenting FinTech Entrepreneurship Startups

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